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KCK Mama Pad Pattern

Our Catalog > KCK Mama Pad Pattern

KCK Mama Pad Pattern-KCK Mama Pad Pattern
KCK Mama Pad Pattern
If you have all the fabric you need or some great fabric scraps left over from sewing your own cloth diapers, make some Mama cloth! With the Kayla's Cloth Kits Mama Pad (menstrual pad) pattern you will receive complete sewing instructions that include directions for making an All in One or All in Two mama pad and a photo sew-along for each. Both pads have wings that wrap around your underwear for the ultimate protection against leaks. The All in Two has a removable soaker (as shown in the pictures). The pad measures 10 inches long and is 2.5 inches wide in the crotch area.
No fancy machines are necessary to sew the KCK Mama pads, all you need is a zig zag stitch. This pattern can, however, be easily modified for turning and topstitching or serging for advanced sewers and those with a serger. The KCK Mama pad closes under the panties with hook and loop so snap press is needed! When placed properly the hook and loop causes no skin irritation during wear.

The KCK All in Two Mama pads reqire extra hook and loop as well as extra material. See the "Materials and Notions" page for more infomation on the exact amounts of materials you will need to complete your KCK Mama Pads. If you need to purchase materials, Kayla's Cloth Kits has everything you need to complete your project-see the related products below for pricing and more information.
This pattern is an electronic file that will be downloadable upon checkout. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your pattern. If you would rather purchase a hard copy of the pattern, you may do so at checkout.

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