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KCK One™-Larger Size Patterns

Our Catalog > KCK One™-Larger Size Patterns

KCK One™-Larger Size Patterns-KCK One™-Large Child, Tween, Adult, and Large Adult Pattern
KCK One™-Larger Size Patterns

This one-size-fits-all cloth diaper was originally designed to fit babies between 8 pounds and 40 pounds. Now we are proud to present this wonderful pattern in the full range of child through large adult sizes. Watch the KCK One™ demonstration video for a more detailed explanation of how this cloth diaper works. The principles for folding and using the diaper work for all the sizes of the KCK One™ diaper.

Please Note: This pattern is delivered electronically to your email inbox. Print the pattern at home and start sewing in minutes!

  • Perfect for anyone with special diapering needs

  • Can be used on multiple individuals of different sizes (great for institutions)

  • Anyone can sew this cloth diaper-even beginners

  • No fancy sewing machines required

  • Easy-to-follow instructions include video demonstrations and fabric recommendations

  • Comes with 5 KCK One™ labels (U.S. customers only)

If you do not want to sew your own cloth diaper, visit one of our licensee sites to have one made for you. Click here for more information on becoming a licensee.
Sizing Chart

Waist / Hip RangeRise RangeFabricElasticLoop TapeHook TapeInsert SizeBuy It
Large Child (ages 4-9)18-32 inches20-22.5 inches28x26
1/2" wide
37" long
1.5" wide
21" long
1.5" wide
6" long
Teen20-36 inches23-27 inches32x30
1/2" wide
43" long
2" wide
24.5" long
2" wide
6.5" long
Adult24-44 inches27-31 inches38x35
5/8" wide
51" long
2.5" wide
30" long
2.5" wide
Large Adult29-52 inches32-37 inches45x42
3/4" wide
62" long
3" wide
34" long
3" wide
Complete Larger Sizes PatternAll sizesAll Sizes






Tammy said: "Cloth diapers are the way I want to go for sure. My son was so excited when he put the diaper on. I really would like to thank you for offering the bigger sizes of diapers it makes me happy to see him so happy, thank you so very much! "

Katy said:"I used your patterns for my late husband and they greatly improved his quality of life. Just wanted to share. Now a friend is in need and I am so glad you are here!"

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