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KCK One™ Child Pattern

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KCK One™ Child Pattern-Our very well loved one size diaper pattern (fits children 8-40 pounds)
KCK One™ Child Pattern

With this well-loved and unique one size cloth diaper pattern from Kayla's Cloth Kits you can sew you own cloth diaper that will fit most children between 10 and 40 pounds. Whether you have one or multiple children in diapers, this pattern will save you time and money. Make one set of diapers and use them until your child is potty trained!

Please Note: This pattern is delivered electronically to your email inbox. You will receive 5 KCK One labels in the mail (U.S. customers only). Print the pattern at home and start sewing in minutes!
Larger versions of this pattern for older children and adults with special needs are also available.

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