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Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

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Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

Kayla's Cloth Kits offers 1 inch and 2 inch wide, matte finished, plush and dyeable fold over elastic. Fold over elastic (FOE) is perfect for finishing and binding cloth diapers, cloth swim diapers, and cloth diaper covers.

Whenever possible, you will receive a continuous piece of fold over elastic when purchasing multiple yards. Enter a quantity of "1" for one yard, "2" for two yards, etc.

                                                                                                                                             Please see the drop down list below for the colors that are available at the time of your purchase.

The Nitty Gritty on Fold Over Elastic (FOE)

from Kayla's Cloth Kits

You should always pre-wash your fold over elastic (FOE) in hot water before adding it to your project since it will shrink slightly after the first wash.

The fold over elastic (FOE) offered by Kayla's Cloth Kits is dyeable.  RIT dye (available in most grocery and retail stores) dyes this FOE very well. 

 Instructions for dyeing:

 Rinse the amount of fold over elastic that you would like to dye in some warm water.  Dissolve Rit dye into the recommended amount of water and immerse your FOE in the dye solution until the desired color is achieved.  Let the FOE air dry.  Test your fold over elastic for color fastness before using it on your cloth diaper or cloth diaper cover.  You may want to wait to pre-wash your FOE until after it is dyed.  If you are planning to dye alot of FOE, I highly recommend purchasing the liquid form of RIT dye to reduce waste.  This method of dyeing works well for all the hook and loop sold by Kayla's Cloth Kits as well.

 Some people use 5/8 inch wide fold over elastic on cloth diapers, but we find that 1 inch FOE binds the multiple layers in cloth diapers much more easily than 5/8 inch fold over elastic does.  Some fold over elastic has a shiny finish to it.  If you purchase this kind of FOE, it will work well for binding cloth diapers, but it will not be dyeable.

 To prevent snags in your fold over elastic when the FOE interacts with the hook tape closures on your coth diapers, always secure any hook tape against loop tape (usually laundry tabs) during laundering.  Additionally, you may want to sew the fold over elastic so that the lined side faces outward to reduce snagging of the matte surface.

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